About Us

The Dover Federation for the Arts Multi Academy Trust (The Trust) is a family of academies which serve the Dover community and beyond. It comprises Astor Secondary School, Barton Junior School, Shatterlocks Infant and Nursery School, White Cliffs Primary School with Pebbles Nursery.

We have a well-established reputation for offering our pupils a safe and caring environment in which they can be happy and thrive as they learn. Ideas and opportunities are explored with enthusiasm through a broad and balanced curriculum throughout the Trust. All our young people, from the youngest to the oldest in our community, are encouraged and supported to be the very best versions of themselves possible.

For us as Trustees, the safety and wellbeing of our staff and students are always top priorities. At all levels, individuals have the opportunity to extend their interests and develop their talents through collaboration and celebration within strong and imaginative teams.

Our schools are ably run by the Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers their leadership and staff teams.  The Trust Central Team and the Executive Leadership Team are led by the Chief Executive Officer. 

The Trust is very proud of the commitment, expertise and dedication of its staff.  We value the development and nurturing of personal responsibility and leadership within a friendly and mutually supportive atmosphere. It is important that new staff should feel able to share this progressive and exciting ethos. A full Induction programme is provided for new staff. 

The Trust family belongs to a national and international community of learning. We benefit greatly from a wide range of cultures and networks established over many years. Our rich history of achievement in the Arts, both inside the curriculum and outside it, has provided generations of young people with the confidence and openness necessary for modern life.

We place great importance upon inspiration and creativity within Teaching and Learning and the high standards inherent in that. Staff are encouraged to build on their skills through Continued Professional Development. The Trust provides many opportunities for the in-house exchange of ideas and strategies between staff. It provides breadth and depth of experience in leadership at all levels.

Every single child is entirely unique. It is our belief, as Trustees, that helping to provide each one of them with the best life chances possible is the most precious of privileges.


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