Model of Governance


Mr John Peall  
Mr Gordon Cowan  
Mrs Susan Chandler  
Mrs Carol Boxall  
(Appointment pending)  


Mr Barry Williams (Ch) (Lead Trustee for Data Protection)  
Mr Stephen Haslehurst (VC)  
Mrs Carol Donovan (Lead Trustee for Pupil Premium and Sports Premium)  
Mrs Carol Boxall (Lead Trustee for SEND and Safeguarding)  
Mr Ryan Davies  
Miss Adriana Perez  
Dr Ken Powell  
Miss Rhiannon Begg  (Parent Trustee)  

Audit and Risk Committee (ARC)

Mr Ryan Davies (Ch)  
Mr Neil Castle  
Mr R Barham Brown  
Mrs Carol Boxall  
Mrs Carol Donovan  

School Development Committee (SDC)

Mrs Carol Boxall (Ch)  
Dr Ken Powell  
Mr Jamie Messer  
Mr Stephen Haslehurst  
Mrs Joanne Boughtwood  

Business and Resources Committee (BRC)

Mr Neil Castle (CH)  
Miss Rhiannon Begg   
Miss Fiona Bradley  

Personnel and Policy Working Party

Mrs Carol Boxall  
Mr Barry Williams  
Mrs Penny Reid  
Ms Rebecca Tolhurst   
Mr David Meades  


Mr David Meades - Chief Executive Officer  
Mr James Darnley - Chief Finance Officer  
Ms Rebecca Tolhurst - Company Secretary  


Mr Lee Kane  
Mrs Melanie O'Dell  
Mrs Helen Castle  


Mrs Sophie Davies  

If you are interested in working within a Governance role at the Trust and would like to know more about what is involved, please email the Company Secretary for further information using the link above, or the Contact Us page.